Thirsty Trail

What an amazing day. I've been out playing again. I had the pleasure of Ian 'the Speedmonster' Bishop's company. I met Ian for the first time a few months ago and a second occasion at the Montane Lakeland 100/50 race this year. He's great company and an awesome (and more than capable) runner. Ian is very familiar with the Peak district and his knowledge will have hopefully rubbed of on me when we went for a little jaunt on Sunday.

Playng in the Peak district Ian managed to drag me around for 40+ miles. I say 'dragged' because, I'd had a high mileage week and the pins a little tired and more importantly and more to the point... he is fast, ohhh yes he can turn up the gas alright. This has been a great training session for me, as I understand that it will help me to become more accustomed to more consistent running over trail as opposed to the stop starting techniques that fell running demands.

The weather was great, perfect in fact for a long day trail running. There isn't much water in the peaks, so  I've learnt... now!! I'm used to filling up from streams and waterfalls in the big hills, so running out of fluid has been a good challenge, whilst i'd not recommend it at all, it's amazing how you can just keep going when you are forced too. We arrived in Castleton after about 20 miles, we went shopping for fluid and it was hard to remain composed stood in that shop whilst the assistance served us isotonic and water, we guzzled like it was the last supper and I think i'd drank a bottle before even getting out of the place.

I managed to pick up a few blisters along route and the last 10 miles were hard going what with tight hamstrings, tired legs and more blisters than  I care to look at. But wow, what a day, Ian pushed me hard, I'm too proud to have stopped and am grateful to have shared that time with an awesome runner. Thanks Ian and lets do it again soon. Next time I drag him to the mountains.

I saw this and thought I was hallucinating, come on, I was tired ok.


  1. Nice report Tracy, it was a pleasure running with you in the peak district. Your great company and you have a thirst for running thats infectious and such a natural talent for it. I Look forward to our next recce :-)


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