You're nicked mate

I'm a weekender

I took an ad hoc trip to the Yorkshire Dales on Saturday and have a mooch over some of the mountains there. The intention was to get some navigational skills developed without the pressure of running for recce's or for training. What a beautiful day it was too. Map and compass and a set of legs, what more do you need. 

 On the way up to Ingleborough

And then on the way up to Whernside

 At the trig

 Muddy madam

In total I spent about four and half hours playing in the hills and map reading, I'm proud to announce... I didn't get lost! whoop. 

It was lovely to bump in to a chap that I met supporting a Paddy Buckley Round' last year, his name (I think) is Chris (Rainbow). He also entered the Lakeland 50 last year and that was the last time that I saw him. Passed out on the floor after the race. It transpires that he was actually quite ill and that he had ended up having his ticker fixed and therefore has been recovering. He certainly looked well on Saturday and I don't think it will be long before he's back doing his thing again. 

I planned on meeting with several friends on Sunday in the Lake district, the Howgills to be more precise, and therefore it made sense rather than drive the two and half hours home and back again, to stay over. I adore adventures, so, I decided to kip in the car. I'd parked in a Community Centre car park during the day where you can park over night, so it all fell into place. I cleaned up, went shopping for tuck, and having plenty of reading material was excited about my digs for the night. As I was removing shelves and moving my stowage boxes in the brum, the police arrived. Now, mine (and a motor home) were the only vehicles in the community centre in Ingleton. I'm looking a bit suspicious obviously as the Police vehicle came skidding in sideways, they had illuminated the blue lights (and were just shy of sounding the siren I'm sure) and two officers got out........ it was like a scene from 'chips'. 'What you doing love'.... now obviously seeing a woman taking her car to bits and making a bed with sleeping bags is the most excitement these officers have had all year in Ingleton, (it's a tiny village). So I explained myself feeling all guilty like, and the chaps promptly offered to 'keep checking' on me throughout the night. What a lovely gesture, so I fell asleep.

Sunday early doors, I made my way over to Sedburgh where I met with some amazing friends, chaps who have dragged me over fell for the last two years or so. They have nurtured me, guided me and put up with me. I owe them more than they will ever understand. Jon Whilock, Dale Colclough, Simon Somerville, and friend Rich) and Dave Harrison. These are a bunch of unimposing amazingly strong fell runners and I hope to run with them always. We had a day of training and playing in the Howgills and then we ate cake, and lots of it. ( I went and had a lil birthday and was sent a cake by Anthony Bethell Tor Des Geants completer  (and one of two first Brits home with his mate George Bates). You may recognise these chaps from Lakeland 50 (first male team) this year. Anyhow the chaps polished off the cake and there were smiles all around. A wonderful weekend as you can see. We traveled over some amazing fell and mountains, breath taking and challenging in every way. 

Dale Colclough

Dale in front, Jon Whilock who you can see next then Simon Somerville and Richie red pants

Dave Harrison and Simon perusing maps, while Rich and I take pictures of each other.

Dale and Jon, Jon has a new pair of short on, he owns two now, the others he had when at school  about 20 years ago. Otherwise you'll find him in tracksters (originals)

The Howgills

And they're off..whoop

Fell ponies

Dale going the fast route


Dave gelling up?

Think I'm in there somewhere :)

Hippy bathday cake

Jon in 'the shorts'
If you have a quick look in the music bit on this blog, you'll see what had me jumping in my seat and toe tappin on the way home when it came on the radio......happy days folks, happy days