Short and Sweet

Saturday 13th October 2012
I've planned to race in the Tour de Helvellyn in December and so as I'm taking it easy for the next few weeks in the run up to the OMM,  I decided to go and have a mooch around the Helvellyn course today. What an amazing route it is too. Open fell, a few climbs, woodland, deer, hound dogs, Withnail (he's the chap in a Land rover who boomed 'you're lost' (in his very English accent), when he slowed and opened his window... the cloud of smoke from the fag hanging out of his mouth dissipated and he ushered me off of his land, politely. Whilst I'm name dropping, the 2nd time I got lost was when looking for 'sticks pass'. Prince William who had been following me, was clearly lost, so was I, when I stopped he approached and we both perused the map, (he was going to Raise). I say Prince William, I use the name loosely, as... well.. he looked like Prince William, and I suddenly felt inadequate in every way you can imagine. So, 38 miles of amazing fell and trail completed and a lovely recce it was. Buggered my knee (strain on day two of the RAB), however a bit of rest will soon have that sorted, but not until after tomorrow!

Grisedale Tarn (Fairfield in background)

Where Prince William hangs out

Over to madam Priors Saturday evening who had rustled up a fabulous turkey and sweet potato curry and dhal. She then forced me to drink alcohol and we caught up over a cheeky glass. Check out the nutrition section for something similar to what we ate. She's a great cook.

Sunday 14th October 2012
Barely walking (see above re knee)..... however I'd be damned if it was going to stop me doing hill reps on Skiddaw today. So I persevered and madam Prior legged it and I limped it, up the crazy lil mountain, then .... legged and limped back down. A little claggy on the top otherwise visibility was great and well, just another amazing weekend of running in this beautiful Country. Happy days. 

Now I rest....... I say rest....


  1. Lovely weekend, thanks Mrs! My curry has lots of cumin, powdered and whole seeds, no ginger or tomato. Cook everything, then the trick is to mix a couple of spoons of gram flour into the yoghurt before you add it to the pan, so the yoghurt doesn't split. Add water, cover and simmer, then lid off and reduce. I usually use a bit of lemon juice but used lime cos we had some! Simples...


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