24th Movember 2012
Speed Session
10k race

What the he... yeap yeap, I entered a 'hilly' 10k road race... I know I know, madness however, I wanted a structured speed session! So what better way?? haha. So, little to say other than I started, as usual, at the back end of the field with a great plan of pacing myself at a less than comfortable speed for 6miles. Gun goes off, I get my racing head on and moved through the pack for 6 miles. Pretty simple stuff really. Great run, it's not my distance obviously, however great way to get the legs moving quicker, (they've gotten lazy and need a jolt). Had my first carb low an hour later... strange, I can run for hours and hours and get it right and I run for 42 minutes and get a carb low... amazing. So I felt drunk, but really enjoyed that state so didn't fuel up straight away, sat giggling to myself about how great feeling drunk was without having a sip of alcohol.  I then decided i'd better have some fruit.. so I did, and I sobered up, thanks apple, you kill joy!

A colleague (one of three at the race) Gordon, a great Tri-guy who was off to do  a Sportive in Grasmere the following day.

Paddling in Patterdale
25th Movember 2012
Decided on a chance trip to the lake district in order to have a 30 -40 mile trot around Helvellyn. I say chance as I'd been warned that there were 'floods' a plenty, and I was not encouraged at 5am driving over with the rain coming in sideways. 'all good training' i'd decided to tell myself, and besides, the 'wilder the better' to use Mr Air's words. So, I arrived in Askham, and my running buddy for the day arrived in Askam. I've had a moment of clarity in realising i'm not the worlds worst navigator.. it's official, Ian Bishop is! So, we decided that I'd start the run and would be in Patterdale in a couple of hours where Mr Bishop would have driven to by then. A great day, we had rain, snow, sun and beautiful fell, mountains and running. A record has been set by Mr Bishop who managed a grand total of 10 falls on the fell. Congratulations Mr Bishop, it's going to take a mountain running stuntman to beat that! Some pretty spectacular ones too. I particularly enjoyed your 180 degree one handed twist: Lets do stats as I know some of you folk enjoy the science: 

Miles :28
Ascent: around 1500m 
Snow: On higher ground
Bogs: on lower ground, Barton fell is mushy at the moment.
Ian falls: 10
Ian injuries: 1 (elbow graze..wuss)
Fairy falls: 1
Fairy injuries: (one massive graze on hip, leg needs amputating but, i'm hard, so i'll soldier on)
Road kill: 1, Badger
Wrong turns: 1 up zig zag path to sticks pass. (whoop)
Other runners: x2 doing a Helvellyn recce!

That's not your elbow Ian
 Having the speed session (10k race) in my legs from yesterday I was tired and after 28 miles of great running we called it a day. 
I can do it, I can do it


Torvill and Dean

Stuntman Bishop


  1. Another great analysis of a typical training day in the life of Tracy "The Fell Fairy" Dean. Be warned fellow would be training partners, a day in the mountains with the "Fairy" can be like chasing shadows especially on the downhill sections and boy shes absolutely rapid on the decents and most of my falling...To my defence...Was caused by the helpless task of trying to keep up with the "Fairy" and of course I'm clumbsy :-) I now fully understand the nick name you have been christened with by others who have had the pleasure of your company on the fells. Yes Tracy! you have indeed found somebody who is actually worst than you at navigating...But just think of all the extra training miles trying to find your way back to civilisation again....All good stuff and yet another well writen and enjoyable fable Tracy :-)


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