Snow and Air 

3rd November 2012. 

Took a trek up to the lakes to hook up with Stuart Air and Raj Mahapatra. Stuart and I met last year on a mountain in Wales and have been running together on many occasion since then. He is one to watch in the near future for ultra Trail and Fell running. Raj I met on Paul Tierney's Bob Graham round in May this year, we were strangers huddled in a car eating Paul's mothers home made cake, keeping warm until said Tierney decided to come down off the mountain for a cuppa before heading up the next one! The cake went quickly, I think Gaynor Prior ate most of it! 

So, Stuart, Raj and I hooked up for a trot around the lakes. We completed 28 miles, around Helvellyn and then tagged Seat Sandal with a run down into Grasmere for good measure. Given that Raj hadn't run further than 5 mile in his recent training, he was great and hopefully he'll do well in his next race the Grizedale 26 (part of the Montane Ultra Trail 26 Series) on Sunday 18th November 2012. Stuart did hill reps on Seat Sandal! I just sat on the top and felt all humble, basking in the glory of the first sight of snow. The run was hard, I was still OMM tired, however another great day out with amazing folk doing their thing.

The boys

Stuart completing his hill reps on Seat Sandal

I had roast veg and spider soup for dinner