12th December 2012
Cracking run
Yesterday's run wasn't all that productive...
I can run in the natural environment in mountains and on trail for hours/days even and for perhaps those that are not familiar with this type of sport/running, they perceive it as 'dangerous', mental even. And yet, for me, I perceive running on man made tarmac, with all of the obstacles associated with it more risky. Whilst I'm on the subject I suppose I tend to feel 'in the way' on the street when running. There is a sense that pedestrians and motorists alike don't want you there as a runner. I swear sometimes motorists aim their vehicles for runners... haha. Furthermore, I am bewildered by the amount of people that will overly dramatize their fear when they see a runner approaching, I feel like saying, 'I'm running love' I'm not going to kill you, you have the capacity to run too, it's not alien to you'.

I guess when in the hills, there is a level of consciousness and a sense of perception that is  heightened. Perhaps this contributes to less complacency and (for me) very little injury as you have to be aware. Folk out on the hills I find more tolerable of runners, and more often than not there is a sense of peacefulness that road/town and street running rarely affords you. On the roads and pavements, complacency can creep in and I'm afraid my mind was wandering when I stepped on a 'beer can' on the pavement during my early morning run yesterday. I heard a crack and the pain knocked me sick. Carried on the run and whilst it was painful, it was a pain you get used to. In fact it was only when I stopped that the severity of the injury made itself known. So a trip to A&E reveals no break (thankfully) and that the soft tissue damage will take a few weeks to heal. 


  1. Ouch. That's nasty. Hope is heals soon.

  2. Hi Debs, yeah, must have given it a fair ol twist! Pain has eased, just the swelling and bruising to contend with now. Thanks for your well wishes :)


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