What's three at three I hear you say! 

Well... I completed my third half marathon today, and ... I was third (again...tsk). Whilst I managed a 1st in category third placed female overall will have to do for now. However, more importantly, it was a great training session. I used the half marathon to try to get some kind of command over my pacing, as it's something I've not yet mastered, pacing! 

So I went out conservatively, as it happens, too conservatively as I was left with too much work to do for the second half however, it was great negative splits nonetheless. This is unheard of in fairy world, so I am really pleased with the session. It was flat road Cheshire Half marathon which starts in the grounds of Arley Hall in Northwich (nr Manchester). I was well out of my comfort zone with a flat road race and need a trail or mountain race to put me back on track, however super day made even better by hooking up with pal J Melia, who finished in a great 1.28, not bad for a plodder. Look forward to seeing what he can do in the Lakeland 50 at the weekend. Happy days people and a few pics of me on the podum... ahem, grass! oh and first cash prize... so tea's were on me ;)
Why oh why do I insist on silly faces and stupid stances?


Podium and stupid stance (again)