Winter wonderland

It felt like winter  this afternoon, for the first time this year. A reminder of the winter training, in the damp, dank, rain, (snow if were're lucky). Yet, Snowdon Hill reps soon get you to focus on your run rather than distractions like weather. I completed one and a half reps, so about 15 miles, on Wales highest mountain today (1085m) and remembered why I adore hill running. Traffic was light on the Llanberris path and the cafe was closed for business, however i'm pretty sure that this fact contributed to a great decent as pit stops had to occur at the bottom. 

Some are likely to wonder why a hill repeat on the same climb when there are so many to choose in Wales, and I'm likely to state that I think it's good for continual, long, drawn out climb and a repeat means you've something to measure then next time. Hope everyone is having a good start to their winter training and no doubt i'll have some stuff to talk about here soon.