Park life

There's a song in there somewhere!

Well, I guess it had to be done, the Park Run. I don't know if it's with shame or excitement, however I did my Park Run debut today. I am unsure of how I finally got roped into this one, however I have to admit, it was a great speed session. I didn't enter for the jolly around, I didn't enter for the scenery, however it was a beautiful course. I entered in order to get the legs turning over and to inject some fun into my training. If any of you folk are similar then one of the main battles I have is to keep training and running unpredictable and exciting and not letting the same ol same ol creep in. When it does, then motivation starts to dwindle with it. So, The Worsley Wood park run in Manchester has me fired up and the 21.42 mins of hell were most enjoyable.

Joasia Zakrzewski, 1st lady big smiles, even without cake

Park Run organiser George Bates, ultra runner turned speedster


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