Rain Run

Completed my first long run since Zugspitz today. There were no mountains and it was a pretty uneventful flat and easy canal towpath for an easy 80 min run.

What I adored about this run was the rain! Why? Well, there are a few great reasons for enjoying rain runs. Firstly, the rain clears all the public places outdoors of folk who would rather stay dry in comfort of their homes. Which means there is less people dodging and a more peaceful run. Secondly, once wet, I don't notice the rain, it spices the run up and I stay cooler. I loved this run, just over 9 and half miles, an easy recovery, happy run. Keep at it folks.


  1. You can't beat running in warm summer rain storms. Had a 20 miler in it on Sunday with muddy trails, calf-deep puddles and soaked to the skin. Loved it. Washed out all the week's troubles.


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