Comedy in Ultrarunning

I first met Nadeem in 2013, at the IAU world championships in Wales UK. Who is this guy? Well, he's a member of the committee for the International Association of Ultra Runners (IAU). His primary role is the director of communications (among others) and he's certainly a character to spend some time communicating with as he's a warm, welcoming and modest individual. He's also knows a think or two about ultra running given that he's ran twice for Canada in the 24 hour World Championships (Taipei in 2006 and Drummondville in 2007).  I was lucky to catch him during his visit to Manchester in the UK this weekend as he's usually based in Canada.

So, what is the IAU?
Simply put, it's an association that is focused on developing Ultradistance running internationally within the IAAF rules and regulations. It aims to promote and develop long distance running world wide.

There is no doubt that ultra running has experienced a BOOM and more and more folk are discovering the beauty of the sport, particularly the trail running within the sport. For what is 'hot', races, news and general up to date what's occurring in the international world of the sport, then it's certainly worth a visit to the site and peruse at your leisure. International Association of Ultra Runners

We spend some time at the local comedy club, Ultra runners share a wonderful mentality, no matter your individuality and diversity there is a knowing and understanding that only UR share, Joe Blogs struggles to 'get it' at best. I'm wasn't sure if the crude (and funny for us locals) Manchester comedy scene is ready for the USA sense of humor, however, it was great to see Nadeem enjoying some nostalgic comedy and enjoying his experience.

Thank you Comedy Store Manchester for a great evening and IAU for supporting and promoting the Sport.