Monday, 7 January 2013

Cannock Trig Race 6th January 2013

Since the disappointment I had had with the Tour De Helvellyn race, I was both apprehensive about the Cannock trig race (what if I got lost again) and excited to be doing another race. I wasn't expecting an amazing time as 16.64 miles (my final distance) is short and fast. I was happy to use it as a speed session and hoped to finish somewhere in the top five or so ladies.

The race design is that you go from point to point including four trigs and you get there taking which ever route you want to take using your own navigation skills. Ahem.  There is no marked or set route and so you can choose your own path of which there are many. This year the weather was remarkably mild and the course relatively muddy and slippy in places because of it. A dibbing system had been introduced again adding a slant on previous years. My route choices may not have been the 'best' or quickest however I've had the pleasure of some remarkable runners, Gareth Briggs and Anthony Bethell to help me along with it on recce's and lucky for me I bumped into Simon Webb (who I'd not met before) on the Chase a couple of weeks ago. He is an amazing orienteerer and ultra runner and he willingly parted with his brilliant knowledge of the Chase and some of the route choices that are quicker and more direct. So armed with a fairly good idea of the route I was going to run, I took the decision that under no circumstances was I going to follow anyone else. Easier said than done when everyone blasts off in all kinds of directions. Gareth and I traveled together and looked forward to a great day out.