Saturday, 25 May 2013

Happy days

A beautiful, pleasant, warm day on the edge of the peak district. Four hours of smile bringing trail running.
Ramshaw Rocks, Roaches Ridge and Hen Cloud.
I was skimming, over the Roaches Ridge, enjoying myself is an understatement.
I approached a family beyond the summit, a mother and baby, and a father and toddler son.
'Step to the side son', said the man to his young boy, 'she's running'.
I passed with a breeze,
'Why is she running daddy' I heard the little voice ask inquisitively as I skipped over the rocks
'because she is playing'.

What an amazing father.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Highland Fling race 2013

It's like one of those films that starts at the end and then takes swishes back to the start. So, I'm sat with my legs up sipping tea and I've not walked further than the bathroom all day. And why such a lazy madam today, hmmm, just a little matter of a big race, the Highland fling. The race has been a focus for me. It's the distance I like and challenging as it's profile relatively flat in comparison to what I've been privy to training  on. Challenging as it would be fast on the flats and I'd no idea how I'd fair with this trail. The race was also the Ultra Trail Championship race however I have to acknowledge with some embarrassment  that I didn't really know what this meant! 

Regardless, The Highland Fling follows 53 miles of way marked trail along the West Highland Way in Scotland from Milngavie (Glasgow) to Tyndrum.

I travelled over to the lakes on Thursday evening, chewed the fat with buddy Gaynor and awoke early doors to the finest coffee and daffodil.

We made our way to Scotland on the Friday morning and arrived at the hotel, triple checked I had everything, had legs massaged and over to race registration in Tyndrum. Another pal Anthony was making his way over to help Gaynor with support duties and so team fairy was assembled. They promptly named themselves Dog and Beth and well, this was going to be an interesting one.