Saturday, 29 December 2012

'Pull up a sandbag' it's Tour De Helvellyn

The Lake District is a beautiful place and I've had the pleasure of getting to know it more and more intimately over the last 6 months. The Tour De Helvellyn (TDH) a race on the 22nd December 2012, ensured that I saw parts of the North-eastern area that I'd never seen before. 

Physically, I was (still am) carrying an ankle injury and was hoping that it would see the race through. Remarkably the swelling had gone and the bruising disappeared. My ankle has aesthetically/superficially healed incredibly fast. I'm convinced that my speedy recovery owes a lot to my kindness to myself, for eating a super healthy diet. I've now got three months of rehabilitation however I'm well on the mend. Anyhoo, I digress, so, TDH and I was super excited for this race

I'm not going to give a point to point account of my race, there are plenty of blogs that give a far more objective and clear overview of the course that what I can do. The truth about my race is, well, I had a stomer, I was going well, fuelling well, consistently paced and having a wonderful day out. Until the 'Time of Doom' that is. 

Monday, 17 December 2012

I'm no sports injury specialist however, I do take an interest in what may or may not benefit me when i'm broken. I'm currently pondering where to go with giving my wonky ankle some support during it's rehabilitation. Enough support that I can be active on it too. So I have been looking at taping with a particular focus as to go with Elastic or None Elastic tape to aid my recover. 

 Elastic Tape v None Elastic Tape

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

12th December 2012
Cracking run
Yesterday's run wasn't all that productive...
I can run in the natural environment in mountains and on trail for hours/days even and for perhaps those that are not familiar with this type of sport/running, they perceive it as 'dangerous', mental even. And yet, for me, I perceive running on man made tarmac, with all of the obstacles associated with it more risky. Whilst I'm on the subject I suppose I tend to feel 'in the way' on the street when running. There is a sense that pedestrians and motorists alike don't want you there as a runner. I swear sometimes motorists aim their vehicles for runners... haha. Furthermore, I am bewildered by the amount of people that will overly dramatize their fear when they see a runner approaching, I feel like saying, 'I'm running love' I'm not going to kill you, you have the capacity to run too, it's not alien to you'.

I guess when in the hills, there is a level of consciousness and a sense of perception that is  heightened. Perhaps this contributes to less complacency and (for me) very little injury as you have to be aware. Folk out on the hills I find more tolerable of runners, and more often than not there is a sense of peacefulness that road/town and street running rarely affords you. On the roads and pavements, complacency can creep in and I'm afraid my mind was wandering when I stepped on a 'beer can' on the pavement during my early morning run yesterday. I heard a crack and the pain knocked me sick. Carried on the run and whilst it was painful, it was a pain you get used to. In fact it was only when I stopped that the severity of the injury made itself known. So a trip to A&E reveals no break (thankfully) and that the soft tissue damage will take a few weeks to heal.